Share Your Story

I don’t know about you, but I have a lot of stories to tell about my infertility journey.  Some are sad, some are actually a little funny (have you ever tried to get pregnant while on tour with band?), and some are downright absurd (legs in the air for 20 45 minutes, anyone?).

I will be sure to share many of my stories, but the Clomid and Cabernet community wants to hear yours too.

Fellow bloggers:  You know the drill.  Stop by anytime you like and we’ll do that lovely linking thing while giving each other some much needed love and support.

Non-Bloggers:  You don’t need your own blog to share your story.  Send me your submission and I will publish it for you.  If we want to break the silence, we all need to start talking.  Share your voice and help increase awareness about infertility.

Email submissions to:

Note:  I reserve the right to edit content published on my site.