About the C&C Community

When I initially launched this site, my greatest hope was to help build connections among couples, individuals, friends, and family members struggling with infertility.  I added several different features so that there would be something for everyone.

Although I wish that you didn’t have to be here at all, I am glad that you found your way here.  This community has grown a lot since the launch, and many friendships have been made along the way.

With growth comes change, and a few changes have been made along the way…


We started with a very active infertility forum, and that was fantastic.  People stopped by and just started chatting.  But over time, the chatter moved to the Clomid & Cabernet Facebook Community.  There, it seems, people feel free to interact and can keep up in real time.  That said, the Forum is currently inactive and chit chat of all things infertility (and many other things as well) is happening on Facebook.  Won’t you join us?

Share your story:

We are always looking to help you get your story out there.  Share your name, don’t share your name – the choice is yours.  Sometimes it just helps to write it down.

*I get a ton of email from people who just want to communicate with me about the infertility struggle.  If you want me to share your story here, please make sure to say that in your email and I will be sure to make that happen.

Ask Dr. Marc:

Dr. Marc Kalan is always on call (in a blogging community sort of way) to answer your questions.  His answers have helped many along the way, and I continue to learn from him each time he posts an answer.  So please send your infertility questions to katiehurleylcsw(at)gmail(dot)com.

Guests welcome:

A number of people have stopped by to share useful infertility information or simply share a few thoughts.  Please contact me if you are interested in guest posting here.