About Clomid and Cabernet

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I’m Katie:  Infertility warrior, mommy to two, wife of rock & roller, Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist, and Parenting Expert in Los Angeles, CA.  Even a BA in Psychology from Boston College and a MSW from the University of Pennsylvania couldn’t prepare me for the long and lonely road that we refer to as infertility.  There were many ups and downs along the way.  I know that I am one of the very lucky ones.  Although I lost four babies along the way, I made it to term with my daughter and my son.  I am grateful for them every single day.

I had a hard time finding the support that I needed along the way.  Some of that is due to the fact that we chose to keep our struggle somewhat private, but I also found that when I did start to talk about it other people became uncomfortable.  While I found some of the message boards to be helpful in terms of information, I didn’t quite find the right fit for me.  I never felt like I could truly express what I was going through and connect with others.  I promised myself that when I reached the other side of my infertility journey I would create a space where people struggling with infertility, and their friends and family, can come together to find support, friendship, and maybe even a laugh or two.

I hope you enjoy some of the features here at Clomid and Cabernet:

The Forums:  Stop in here to reach out and connect with others.  Have something to say about infertility but not sure you should say it out loud?  In the Forums you will find The Eggfessional:  No need to state your name in this group.  Just vent your infertility frustrations!

Ask Dr. Marc:  Marc Kalan is an infertility specialist here in Los Angeles.  He is here to answer reader questions, including those from  friends and family members.

Share Your Story:  Clomid and Cabernet is open to guest posts and would love to help you share your story.  If you’re not ready to attach your name to it, that’s ok too.  I will post it for you…

Please come back often and refer your friends.  We are all in this together.  Grab a glass of whatever you’re drinking and join the conversation.  It’s time to break the silence!

On a different note, you can also find me at Practical Parenting, moonfrye, and Mommy Moment.