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I’m taking fertility drugs such as gonal f and/or clomid, I’m 37, I ovulate on my own, I’ve run the gamut of testing and everything on both my end and DH’s end is great. So I’m wondering if I will ovulate all eggs without a trigger shot – or will my surge only allow me to ovulate 1.


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Your natural surge is sufficient for all mature follicles to ovulate.  This is true whether you have 1 or many mature follicles.

Despite this, your doctor may recommend using a “trigger shot” to induce ovulation.  There are a couple reasons a doctor may choose the trigger shot.  First, in order to coordinate an insemination, we need some advanced notice to prepare the sperm and get you in for an appointment etc.  The trigger shot allows the timing of ovulation to be amenable to normal working hours when an insemination can be done.

Second, ovulation predictor kits tend to be less accurate when a patient is using injectable medication.  Thus, they cannot be relied upon to schedule an insemination.

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